CTF starts on Friday, March 17th at 21:00 UTC
CTF ends on Sunday, March 19th at 21:00 UTC

PRIZES: The Top Three Purdue University Teams Will
Recieve Binary Ninja Licenses! (Max 4 per team)

We thank Trail of Bits for being a sponsor for this year's CTF event. If you would like to learn more about Trail of Bits and opportunities at the company, reach out to Carter Miller at carter.miller@trailofbits.com.

Latest News


2023-03-19 21:54:47
Thank you so much to everyone who played, we hope you enjoyed!!!

About 5 Hrs Left!!

2023-03-19 15:13:27
b01lersCTF will end in about 5 hours from now, or about 5:00pm EDT. Keep on hacking!

Poeticrypto Hint Released!

2023-03-19 01:51:34
A new hint for poeticrypto has been released and can be viewed in the challenge listing or in the b01lersCTF Discord!

New Rev Chal!

2023-03-18 05:06:18
Check out Safe :)

OSINT chal info released

2023-03-18 00:41:02
Please check the hint for the OSINT for anyone solving this chal.