Thanks to all our b00tc4mp participants!

Thank you all for participating in our b00tc4mp, we hope you enjoyed it and were able to jump start your ctf skills!

Welcome to b01lers public CTF!

Welcome! This is the CTF hosted by Purdue University's b01lers Capture the Flag team.

Each of our challenges will have a comprehensive writeup written by the developer. This writeup will cover the intended solution and will be released shortly after the CTF completes!

Previous materials

Here is our GitHub, YouTube and Twitch where you can find our past CTF challenges and b00tc4mp presentations!

What has changed from last year:

If you played the March 2020 edition of b01lers CTF, you'll know that we had some infrastructure issues. It was our first time hosting, so we expected some imperfections, and in general we got some great feedback we'll be incorporating into future offerings of the CTF. Now, the changes:

Infrastructure changes

We have switched to CTFx and had great success! We've also added a few features to make sure it's got everything we need.

The difficulty

Prepare yourselves ahead of time, you gave us feedback for harder challenges, and we've taken it to heart. This one is going to be much harder than last time. Our challenge developers have learned much over the last year and are ready to give even the best teams a run for their money. We've also expanded our team to allow developers focus more on each challenge.

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